Pneumatic Dry Bulk Transport Services

KBT Enterprises is a leader is pneumatic dry bulk trucking and transport, providing quality delivery services throughout Indiana and surrounding states since 1995. With a growing fleet of bulk pneumatic tankers, the best staff of drivers, mechanics, and customer service personnel in the region, KBT can meet all of your bulk transport needs. We offer quality equipment and tankers, but its the KBT team that makes the real difference - we pride ourselves on providing professional service and on-time delivery. Our owners and employees alike, are focused on hard work, a commitment to safety, teamwork, and customer satisfaction in all we do.

Dry Bulk Pneumatic Tankers

Our growing fleet of top of the line, late model trucks, provides vacuum  sealed dry bulk trailers that protect your materials from the outside air, moisture and all weather conditions. KBT Pneumatic Tankers also allow for easy loading and unloading through pipes with compressed air, and that are perfect for hauling a variety of materials such as cement, fly ash, and ground stabilizing materials such as lime kiln dust.

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